Our Portfolio

We support the discovery, innovation and implementation of digital health technologies by providing developmental resources and leveraging external partnerships.

Inaugural Projects

Our inaugural projects span the breadth of issues in healthcare: from diabetes and heart disease, to team-based communication, and the use of sensors and apps.

CareWeb is a team based collaborative care platform that uses social & mobile communications technology built on salesforce.com

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Tidepool is building the infrastructure for a new generation of smart diabetes management apps.

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Health eHeart is a clinical trails platform using social media, mobile technology & novel realtime sensors to revolutionize heart disease.

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Trinity provides “precision team care” by integrating patient data with multi-disciplinary input and evidence.

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mHealth Initiative Projects

Our mHealth group helps build apps developed by leading UCSF researchers and clinicians, providing a pipeline for ongoing digital health projects.

Choose Your Poison

Do you think you could tell the difference between colorful little pills and tasty candy? Could your 3-year-old? Test your ability to identify all the medicines and potential poisons in this FREE and FUN game!

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Take Control

An app that engages the user to provide survey data and complete a therapeutic intervention for Urinary Incontinence. Roadmap drives toward prescription companion application.

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An app that manages a longitudinal study in Nepal and India, geared toward collection of census data and tracking photographs and data about the subject population over 5 years. Distributed data collection and analysis.

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An app that engages the user to provide survey data and complete a therapeutic intervention for PTSD. This mobile app moves a proven protocol to Mobile as a potentially broad distribution mechanism.

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