What is CareWeb?

A Facebook, Twitter, Pager hybrid

Pages sent are tagged to patients

Messages populate a patient wall, that all providers can see

Messages are searchable by sender, recipient, patient, or message content

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Learn some facts about CareWeb...

-Replaces Pagerbox
-There’s a mobile app!
-Can message nurses on their Wi-Fi (ASCOM) phones
-Others on the team can view/leave/join the conversation

Paging is not HIPAA compliant because:

-Pagers (and pages) aren’t encrypted
-If you lose your pager, anyone can read messages
-Pagers can be stolen and losing a pager is a bigger problem

-MC computers: "CareWeb" on the LaunchPad
-Your Phone: download the app
-Your Computer

Please let us know immediately if there are problems/concerns:

Raman Khanna
Cell: 937.206.6647
Pager: 415.443.6280
Email: 937.206.6647

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